Monday, January 08, 2007


Hello all you poor schmucks grinding it out everyday in those jobs you hate,

So anyway, I have been having a conversation lately with a few people that has been fun. The question is: What would You do with a lot of money?
We used to do this as an exercise at the adolescent mental hospital I used to work at. We would have all of the kids right down on a piece of paper what they would do if they had a million dollars. It was always vast fun to see the answers. It really shows what is important to a person. The best answers were the younger inner city kids who would invariably say, " Man if I had a million dollars I would buy Nike. Then I would have them make me all the Jordans I could ever want!" The staff would always have a good laugh later thinking to ourselves, " Yeah sure you are going to buy a Multi-billion dollar company with a million dollars! HA!" But the exercise showed a lot. You see these kids that I worked with would come from the WORST home situations imaginable. But these kids would come to us with wardrobes that were RIDICULOUS! They would all have Ecko, South Pole, and the TENNIS SHOES! Man one article of these kids clothing wold cost more than I make in a week! But in their world clothes were a real status symbol. They might be poorer than dirt but hey at least I LOOK good.
Well this past weekend Bobby Petrino left University of Louisville to go couch the Atlanta Falcons. Now some would say maybe he was going to make this move because he wanted to go coach in the Big Leagues. Maybe that is true. But something tells me it had something to do with the $24 million contract that was being offered that didn't hurt to "seal the deal." This got some friends to talking about being loyal to a school or loyal to your family.
I also work in a job where daily I turn down the opportunity to be making $75000 a year in the next three years. Instead Missy and I continue to scrape by because we are pursuing something we feel is worth the sacrifice, an education and a career that is honoring the Lord.

So maybe a long introduction, but I want to know what would you do with money. Okay before I take a theological lashing about greed and the such, this is just an exercise. This is just talk. It is just about dreaming BIG! What would you do if "money were no object?" Now most people I know could blow through a million pretty quickly so let's make the number a little bigger. This weeks powerball billboards say that the current jackpot is $131 Million, so lets go with that. What would you do with $131 Million?


Ashby said...

You and me would be opening our own boundary waters guide service, with the help of a few friends I think we could get it going!

Sean Dennis said...

Is there room in this world for boundary waters guide service/survival school? If so count me in.