Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Here in the Hopper household we have a new member. Missy and I have been talking for sometime about getting a dog. Well we really have enjoyed some of the beagles that we have known. Plus last November Missy held a Beagle pup that had her hooked. At that time we had neither the means nor the stability to offer a new puppy a home. Now we are a little more stable and were anxious to increase our numbers. Well we began by looking online for pups. We found many a good breeder. Soon though, we found a beagle rescue not far from where we lived.

Now Missy has always had girl dogs so that is what she wanted. The idea of a boy dog really worried her. So when we called the lady from the rescue to set up a meeting she said that she would bring her girl rescue beagles. Well we met her on a Saturday and she brought five beagles. Four females and one male. She said that she brought the male because she thought that if any boy could change Missy's mind then this was the dog to do it. Well wouldn't you know, The boy won out in the end. His name was David.

Well we were not to keen on the name David. For one I have a few friends named David. So we set out to find a name for the dog. We scoured the name lists. I kept wanting to do something literary and all of Missy's names were too "cute." We finally agreed on the name "Colonel."

So that was that. Now came outfitting our home for a new dog. We bought a crate, leash, toys, and of course.......cabinet locks!!!

The next Saturday we picked up Colonel and actually started obedience training that morning. He seems to be a smart dog and picks things up fairly quickly.

The rest of the day was spent showing him to family in the area and introducing him to other dogs in the family. After a few shaky introductions, all dogs seem to get along well now.

We really love having the dog and are growing very attached to it. He really has a pleasant spirit and makes us laugh often. We both feel very blessed with him in our life.

So Welcome, Colonel!!!

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